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    ECU Reflash or Athena?

    G'day everyone,
    I hope I'm posting this in the right section, if not apologies.

    I recently bought a 2011 FX SHO as my first ski and it's great fun BUT I'm always looking for a little more. I ride socially with a few mates but really have a hankering to race the Sydney Bridge to Bridge race. It's a 65km (45mi) race on flat water. I've waterskied this route lots and thats where the desire to do this race comes from but to be in the mix (for stock class), I'll need a 70-75MPH ski with reliability.
    I've already done the ribbon delete, intake grate and pump seal kit are next then the ECU seems to be the next logical step. I have to be honest the MoTec are more than I'd like to spend. The local ski shop said to get a reflash for about $400 but I can stretch up to get the Riva Athena, and I like the idea of having two maps I can switch between.. One for social riding maybe and one for racing.
    Is it worthwhile me doing the ECU next or should I start doing some additional cooling mods first, and with regards to the ECU, should I go the reflash or the Athena? Athena dealers in Australia seem few and far between.


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    I have both, reflash is nice and easy plug and play, just double check the afr. With the athena, its a bit of an install unless its the direct connect version. You will also need a data logger and may have to call riva to log into your ecu and do some tweaking. my viewpoint is if you know what level of mods is your final goal then a reflash is great, if you will constantly be upgrading and like tweaking the ecu then the athena may be for you.

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