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    96 spx performance and restoration

    Some may remember I started a 96 xp project. That was stolen now I have a 96 spx I picked up for 900 also got a 96 gtx for 300 seized rear piston.

    Spx is going to be my ski so going to go through it and deck it out. Gtx is just getting rebuilt.

    Cost isnt a issue. What are my options with this ski I believe its a 717. Figured 16/23 solas prop a grate if I can find one. Do I have the good hull? Or the one that hunts at speed? Any exhaust or head options? Figured polish any casting marks in cases and polish carb bores and use flame arrestors. Anything else?

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    What is compatible between the 717 and 720? Head?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbeau1990 View Post
    What is compatible between the 717 and 720? Head?
    They are the same motor.

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    i am not 100% about seadoo setups but i know on my 2 stroke dirt bikes polishing the intake castings will require a richer rejet since the rough serfaces create turbulence that helps atomise fuel

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    The 717/720 Seadoo engine is a great platform. It does have some inherent problems that won't be an issue if you address them on the rebuild. You can also make great power with this build and still have great reliability. I have some good porting info and pics here--> The factory pipe makes great power but the head and airbox assembly needs to remain stock with that pipe or you'll eat up pistons. Your stock pipe will still work really well and you can dry the water out a bit in it. And you can mill a bit off your head if retaining the stock pipe. I took 1.5 pounds off my flywheel and you can use a 587 PTO to lighten the rear a bit. Don't polish anything on the intake side. The exhaust side will be fine to polish and match the ports up. Use blue threadlocker on EVERY bolt, the 717 is a shaker.

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