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    No Mo H20 Turbo?

    Prior to the new clutch resolutions this past year, the H20 turbo setup seemed like a great alternative. by the time you upgraded the clutch & bought an IC, BOV, intake, etc. - for the amount of $ spent, you were almost there. I have read about Jerry's great success with turbo setups (I do realize that his cams/built motors are a factor as well) Higher speeds than most, with lower boost levels & RPM. Both of which I would think to be benefiting the stock pistons and valve train longevity. I also wonder my more members never went the turbo route (any kit) prior to the more recent SC innovations.

    Now that I finally have an SHO I was trying to research prior to investing in the standard IC/BOV/Wheel route & noticed that the H20 kit (and other turbo options) are no longer offered in the store. I have also read about when Shark/Orlando had parted ways with H20 for multiple reasons. The reason the H20 kit in particular always grabbed me, is that it seemed to be very cost effective when factoring in the included IC and BOV.

    I know the H20 kits are still available & and are still taunting me a lil bit. Which is why I am posting up here to see whether the H20 kit is a good choice or not? I hate to call them out, but would like to possibly save myself or any other members from spending the time or $ on a bad option. Granted, I'm not really thinking of going this route as much, now having a 13' clutch - but would still like to confirm before I start spending $ on upgrading to a standard 15.5 setup. Really don't want to bad mouth them in public (they are still a business), just any constructive criticism (or praise) would be appreciated. I have gone through the archives & read nothing but good things in the past (years ago) about this kit.

    Could anyone who has this setup (Past or present -time to represent, 305) please give their input??

    Thanks for any input.
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    Interested too


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