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Thread: 59.9? what da?

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    59.9? what da?

    Hi folks. New guy here!
    After owning boats my whole life (current boat: 2000 Four Winns Sundowner 235 ) and playing around on jetskis, finally took the plunge and bought one for myself. Rode a friends gp1200R and the thing is fast as heck but its a big heavy oaf of a machine and wasn't much fun to me. You can't fling it around and can't get it airborne at all... its about as sporty as a minivan. Also rode some older Sea Doos which were kinda the exact opposite. Light and fun to play around on but not much for top speed and power. They are so fun and light, it seemed like they were out of the water more than in!

    After doing my homework and waiting for the right machine to come along.... I recently purchased a 2003 Ultra 150. 95hrs on it. It starts and runs beautifully. What a great buy! It's powerful and stable like the big newer skis, yet fun and sporty to jump and throw around like the older ones... perfection!

    But i digress...
    Here's my problem. I understand people are getting lows 60's on gps stock.

    I had it out on the river last weekend and the best I could manage was 59.9 on gps. I started with a full tank of fuel, full tank of oil, and my 200lb body weight. Initially with all that weight the best i was getting was 57-58. And thats with my ass hanging way over the back of the seat, crouched down, with all my weight on the rear. Without that riding position, it was 1-1.5mph slower.
    As the day went on and I burnt some fuel I got it to 59.9 with a half tank of fuel. I'm betting with a 1/3 or 1/4 tank i might have got it to 61 or so. Respectable numbers, but i was a little upset with it based on the what i had been reading of low 60's out of the box.

    These are the mods the previous owner had added:
    Solas impeller
    Solas intake grate
    Shred-master ride plate
    Primer kit
    Before going out I changed and gapped the plugs and put fresh 93 gas and new oil and adjusted the oil pump cable per the manual.

    Any thoughts why i'm so slow? I can only figure its the solas grate screwing me... 1-3mph off the top? I ordered an extended nozzle and the R&D grate to put on before taking it out this weekend. Hoping that will get me to 65? Your thoughts please?

    Unless my numbers are way off, i'm beginning to think when folks share their mph online, it is with an 1/16 tank of fuel, a tablespoon of oil, a 100lbs rider, and a hefty dose of internet fudge factor... thoughts?
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    If you want speed ditch the intake grate for a stock one. The extended nozzle is useless, your going to so no gains from it at all. Does this ski have stock sponsons? What's the pitch on the impeller and what condition is the pump in? If the pumps not set up correctly you will lose speed.

    My 03 has a gps speed of 64
    I have a shredmaster, beach houses, r&d intake grate, skate track impeller.

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    Yep stock sponsons. 16/20. Not sure of pump condition. How does one easily check?

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    Pulling and checking the impeller to wearing clearance with a feeler gauge. On a new to you ultra you should always check the condition of the pump.

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    What kind of RPMs are u getting up top? Are you hitting 7k?

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    It should be faster. Have you done a compression test? I see you have a primer, are the chokes still installed? They need to be there on the stock carbs or they'll run lean. You might also want to adjust/mod the trim to get more UP trim.

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    If your hitting max rpm and slow, pump needs to be checked for clearance.

    Btw, you said " in the river" is there a current? We're you running upstream?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cracky View Post
    Rode a friends gp1200R and the thing is fast as heck but its a big heavy oaf of a machine and wasn't much fun to me. You can't fling it around and can't get it airborne at all... its about as sporty as a minivan.
    Sorry I don't want to start an argument out of my place in the kawi section but you could not be further from correct. the gpr is probably the most airborne ski ever created, it is light weight, powerful, and its hull design reinvented the jet ski world. i ride in the ocean with sea doo's, kawasakis, and other yamahas but my ski is always the highest in the air out of all my buddies. I've met other guys out there who launch their gpr 10-15 feet in the air with 7-8 foot swells.

    Dont wanna argue, just defending yamaha's name because calling my ski a sporty minivan would insult a lot of people on this website.

    sorry for going off topic test your compression to start. i didn't know solas made intake grates, definitely go stock or r&d for that. what are your conditions like, haven't been on an ultra in a few years now but i do remember it having a fairly flat bottom which means you could loose a few mph if its not clam water. happens on the gpr and a lot of older skis

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    Ultra does not havr a flat bottom specially with a shred master...solas makes an intake grate for the ultra.

    Btw your in the wrong forum

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    Thanks for the help everyone.
    To answer some of the questions:

    Makes sense to check the pump. I'll put that on the top of my to-do list. Sending the pump out for blueprinting is on my list for the future.

    RPMS - Last time I rode was a week ago and I can't remember specifically. I'll look closer this Saturday and report back.

    No compression check yet. I don't have a gauge. I might rent or borrow one in the near future to check it. Definitely something i want to check.

    Chokes are still installed. Stock carbs.

    I did the trim up mod. thanks for the tip!

    Yes. Monongahela river in Western Pennsylvania. Man I ran it WOT up river, down river, cross river, diagonal river, you name it. LOL.... best was still 59.9.

    As for the yamaha statement - let me qualify it by saying it's just one guys opinion, don't get too bent out of shape over it. I've ridden a model year 2000 gp1200r for a total of about 12hrs. 673lbs for a 00 gp1200r vs 613lbs for an 03 Ultra. I guess its only 60lbs difference but it felt like a lot more to me. The yamaha is also slightly longer at 115.4" vs 113.8" and slightly wider at 45.3 vs 44.4.

    Anyways, the solas grate is off, the R&D is on now. The extended nozzle is also on and the trim mod is complete. Stay tuned for new numbers...

    Again, thanks for everyone's input. Much appreciated

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