I am wanting to do some experimenting and try to make a big bore motor and was hoping someone mite have a old (non useable scored up or something) seadoo 951 sleeve and piston , I'll pay to ship it

This may have been done before by some of the pros with deep pockets I am not sure, but what I want to do is big bore a old Yamaha 1200 cylinder block to accept the 951 sleeve and be sure I can clearance the exhaust among other things , also wanting to see if the stock 951 pistons can be used with Yamaha wrist-pins and will clear the rod motion or if I'll have to turn custom pistons. I also am wanting/needing to make a custom aluminum head and need the stock dome of the piston as a starting point. My hope is to be able to use readily available sleeves,pistons and rings in-case I ever need to replace them, but before I burn up my credit card ordering new parts I was hoping to find a old sleeve and piston some just replaced to make sure I can make it work first .............. SO if you have one please let me know