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    ZXI 1100 taking on a lot of water....

    Im in the process of replacing the weatherstripping under the seat and the front hood... but i was wondering if anyone know of other areas i need to check? when ever i play around on the ski i seem to take on a large quantity of water and the stock bilge pump doesnt seem to be functioning... i have to leave my drain plug undone so that i can get the water out while riding... anyone else have had this issue? do they make a plug adapter like the exhaust flap so water can come out, but not backflow into it? or any ideas how to make one like this?

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    you could have leak in the magneto cooling line at the front of the engine. often burns thru on the exhaust. is the hull water warm or cold?

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    well the lakes in texas aren't cold lol. but no all the lines are good i just replaced the top end. and i dont have a problem just riding around. its only when im doing 360's or stand ups, ect. seems like when the water rushes over the seat. the seal on the seat looked ok... but it is 12 years old... although when i was working on the carbs i had them pulled and the hull filled up with gasoline... i noticed some silicon around the bellows swolled up and came off... is that a big deal?

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    lets work on the bilge pumps first in that case/

    Some water is going to get in during extreme riding.

    bilge system is simple

    check it out, make sure the hoses are clear to the pump and the bailer pick ups are clear also

    then you'll see if there are other factors.

    I asked about the water...warm..from the engine...not so warm..from the lake

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    i have an electric automatic bilge pump.. and when it does go off it does feel warmer than the lake water... not by much. but its usually pretty full by the time that goes off. as for the stock bilge i cleared out all the hoses with compressed air and it has a new filter/grate on it... ive hooked up the ski to a hose out of the water, ran it, and there was no leaks... im a little uneasy about riding the ski with the seat off since it is so very tippy...

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