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    1999 1200xl ltd dies at idle and bogs sometimes, please help

    I have a 1999 1200xl ltd. It will sometimes die at idle and bogs for a second before accelerating and getting to wot. It will get to wot. I have got it up to 53mph on its gauge at the river.

    I was wondering if it could be something other than the Carbs. The carbs are buried under the exhaust on this model. I have done some work on it so far but the carbs scare me. I have replaced the CDI and taken of the front part of the exhaust to get to the stator to inspect it. I have also replaced a drain plug housing which was a pain in the xxx to get to and reach.

    I am thinking I will replace the fuel filter and check the fuel lines first?

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I have already replaced the spark plugs earlier this summer.

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    After you've had the stinger out a couple times, it's nothing to get it back in... The expansion chamber is a bitch, though it doesnt need to come out for carb work, at least with the gp. Chances are the carbs need attention if compression is good and you have fire. .. If you can follow directions and take your time/recheck your work, you should be good to go... Although there are some guys on here that come highly recommended for carb work (screen name WFO is one off the top of my head) if you decide not to take on the job... Fuel filter is a good idea, but inside the carbs there are also small filters...

    Check out the FAQ section...tons of great info that'll have you reading for days and of course cajun dude's. How to' pretty sure the process is very similar with the XL, cant remember if that year was the non powervalve engine though.

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    It has the powervalve. I am still trying to understand how the powervalve works. I am new to this with no background.

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