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    09 rxp-x low rpm only 5300 rpms on water loss of power

    sunday last week i was on water with my jetski 2009 seadoo rxp-x
    first time on sand beach

    i was riding 4 hrs with no problem and than jumped on small wave and lost power :/
    i chanded all 3 spark plugs still same

    now jetski will only go 5300 rpms on water but on trailer it will go only to 7000 rpm sometimes 7500 rpms

    on trailer i see that supercharger is making boost cause all hoses are being pressurized but on water no boost with 5300rpms

    what could be my problem ?

    please help me guys

    thank you for your help

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    How many hours on the ski?
    Have you had the s/c rebuilt?

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    43 hrs on jetski and no
    but i checked the slip and i cant turn supercharger by my hand

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    and after this happened cold starts are very week

    if the jetski is cold and im trying to start it it will start for 3 sec and die than 3 sec and die than 5 sec die ....
    after 5th or 6th time jetski will start and idle

    before this jetski was riding amazing and starting right up

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    I had same problem couldn't get past 6000 rpm. First run of the season fresh gas ect. Brought it back to dock checked blower hoses all looked ok. checked oil it was foamy and white. Bought back home pulled intercooler hose there was water. Pulled intercooler and pressure tested definite leak.

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    +1 check your inner cooler.

    Do you ride in fresh or salt water?

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    did you had a lot of water in it ? I checked the intercooler already. I took off the hose that is comming from IC to engine and put it on hose
    start it up and for the first 3 sec I saw just a lil bit of water comming out but after those 3sec nothing
    pressure tested it and no leaks

    jetski was in fresh water all the time
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    How new are the spark plugs?
    Have you ever run any fuel Injector cleaner.

    With only 40 something hours its bound to have had old fuel in it at some point.
    Easy things to try 1st.

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    I did tried fuel injector cleaner but only run jetski with it like 20min. didnt help
    I evan swaped out all injectors from different jetski and still same problem

    could my fuel pump gone bad ?? low fuel pressure ?
    because like I said it starts bad

    thank you

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    spark plugs looks not so good but all same

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