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Thread: 2013 VXR issue

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    2013 VXR issue

    The other day was cruising out with my wife on the bay on our 2013 VXR. She went to ride alone for a while and managed to hit a shallow spot and obviously sucked up some sand. She remembers a warning appeared, she restarted it twice and a few minutes later when I saw her the alarm was gone. I examined the intake grate and did not find anything stuck in there and the warning never came back. One thing that I noticed is that the ski top speed is reduced by about 6-7mph. The prop seems fine and there is no cavitation, plus she doesn`t remember hearing rocks being crushed by the prop or anything like that.
    I am new to the waverunner world and not quite sure where to start...Any suggestions are very appreciated!

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    If no damage in the pump/prop area she may have run it hot with the warning buzzer going off....any Yamaha shop should be able to pull the code.....

    Best to teach new riders what to do/not to do in events like this....these arent toys any more....

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    Brought the ski out and tested it this morning. everything is fine, top speed is like it should be. Still don`t quite understand why yesterday the top speed was reduced by 5mph. Maybe it went into some sort of a limp mode after heating up a little. Thank god everything is fine now, could have ruined almost a brand new ski.

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    First off, the only thing i can think thats wrong in this entire picture is let your wife drive the ski by herself......hahah im kidding..mostly...

    The top speed could have been effected by the little pinwheel on the back that reads the speed, it could have been clogged. But thats hard to really tell, since after a certain speed, they are just numbers on a screen. However, the fact that your wife ran the ski to the point where it has to put itself into limp mode is a very bad thing. My renters pull this crap all the time, "it was just a little shallow spot, then it started beeping" i swear, thats what happened. ...because what REALLY went do was....a shallow spot, no acceleration, lots of rpms, and a ton of more gas was given without any regards to the actual bottom, or the lack there of.

    Its not a quick process to overheat the ski, which means she sat there revving it up for at least a minuet or two...there are about 165,000 thousand different things that went through that housing and impeller, none of which includes water...since you have a raw water cooling system on your beloved ski, that same "dirty" water went through your engine as well. People like to use the term "push it through" or "ride out the shallow stuff with lots of throttle" but on our yamis (and even those goofy seadoo, polaris, kawis) that can really cause a lot of damage. As hard as it may be, you need to educate your wife on how to properly deal with a situation where she finds herself in the shallow water. And what to do. If that includes getting your ass off the ski, to walk it to deeper water, then so be it.

    Here is a link to mydropbox account to download the VXR manual for your ski. Save it to your computer, and when you find yourself with time, just sit through and read it. Seriously, they are good to read and will provide you with lots of valuable infomation

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    +1 on the clogged speed sensor pin-wheel thing. This summer, my wife and i crossed Lake Tahoe and went to Emerald Bay. We got off of the ski in about three feet of water, after coasting into position, and i pulled the nose of the ski up onto the sand. While we were checking out the castle somebody in a big boat went by and the waves turned the ski sideways and pushed the stern up onto the sand. When we got back i had to drag it back out into the water to let the waves wash the sand out of the pump before starting it. It started fine and ran fine, but the pin-wheel thing didn't start working again unit i went a few miles at high speed and it un-clogged itself.

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    Take the ski out for some wot runs.
    Keep it full throttle for 5-10 mins and it will clear anything left over in the cooling system.

    You probably got lucky this time but teach anyone who rides the do's and don'ts before you let another new b ride it again.

    Rip on.....

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