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    broke in new vxs today...and...

    this thing will lay your ears back,dry your eyeball juices out and blow your nose for ya if you turn your head a lil...ive only owned 2 strokes and they were from 94-97 models and i now know what you guys are talkin about...went to ocean pond in lake city fl to do break in...i went twice as long as the brak in procedure called for and afterwards got to experience the dream-o-meter showing 69-70 with my 165 pound self trying like hell to keep my hat on and my eyes from drying out even with shades on...lots of power and cuts like a knife...started with full tank and 3 hours later buzzer went that its broke in i think i will go a little easier on it next few times out and see just how fuel efficient it can thing i noticed was the extreme amount of heat in the hull after runnin...probably put in some flo rite vents at rear and maybe a small fan on a switch...already ordered the thru hull exhaust,boarding step,splash guard,rear storage bucket,will put my old lowrance elite 4 on glove box lid...then ran out of will be looking into a ram air mod of some sorts,tach and skat prop and ride plate then go to work on finding the right combo to get a lil more top end and tame down the a buddy who is a world class welder /fabricator and just for giggles n grins keep the factory waterbox and add another pipe to it and have duall thru hull exhaust...i spoke to riva and got educated a lil about what happens if you do a ram air,was told that computer basically bounces back and forth from 4 different fields allowing for the extra cold air now introduced to motor....didnt think to ask if this effects the fuel economy...have any of you noticed a change for the worse in fuel economy with ram air???feel free to educate me/advise me as i am just now trying to learn what alot of you guys already have figured out....very pleased and cant wait to get out again as it is nothing like any 2 stroke ive ever been on...

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    Gotta love those 1800 cc's. Don't forget to do the "Ribbon Delete" mod. One of the best bang for your buck mods !!!

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    Nice pics!

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    got a few boxes in the mail the boarding step on and modified it so it swings down a lil lower and got the thru hull exhaust put on as well...there is alot of room back there now that the factory stuff is gone...there is even alot of extra space under the rear storage bucket and i will probably make an extension on it so it will be even that i can see everything in the rear its very doable to do the dual exhaust...time and money...haaa

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    Hope you don't mind...I'm going to use your #3 picture as a desktop picture on my laptop. AWESOME pics!!!


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    SeaDoo'er taking a peak here: Congrats on your new bike. Nothing like a new 4 stroke pushing the envelope - what a rush. And +1 on the pix. My grandmother died in Lake City, FL, years back but never got to see the area. Beautiful. Feel free to submit your favorite riding area to my site (in sig. below). You've already got "Picture of the Month" for the home page taken care of...

    Again, congrats and welcome to the 'hulk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Rooster View Post
    Gotta love those 1800 cc's. Don't forget to do the "Ribbon Delete" mod. One of the best bang for your buck mods !!!
    this is good advise......Ribbon bang for the buck.....period ! just do it !

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    Its easy and you can use a peice of pvc to fill void or nothing at all.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1200 stx-r View Post
    Its easy and you can use a peice of pvc to fill void or nothing at all.....
    Don't go with the nothin at all mod. Use something

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    got the ribbon out today...not a problem...i didnt put anything back in...what could it hurt?? changed my mind on the rear flo rite vents as a YAMAHA TEST GURU...told me about the frogskinz vents instead...thanks know who you are...haaa..also got a k&n filter and tiny tach ordered today as will be skat prop and this is gettin spensive,may have to sale a youngin or 2....thanks guys

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