Discovered a leak on the MSX215 at the weekend!
I was doing some fiddling about with the ski strapped to the trailer so needed the pump intake in the water. The launch the angle was a little steeper than normal,(beach) and the water was lapping above the rub rail at the rear, well the bilge pump started up, not pumping water just running which is unusual because other than a testing it has never been on, continued on testing thinking about about it, steep angle?, maybe some water left from the last ride? Checked hoses and "carbon seal" all good
Before I launched pulled it up the beach and opened the drain plugs, shit where did all the water come From? quick check around the back to look for a crack or something I had missed post ride, but nothing?
Backed it into the water again and grabbed the torch, just by luck (there's not a lot of vision back there) I noticed a good flow of water coming down the hull from nowhere?
Up the beach again and check the bond line, tie down mounts, there it is! can see some inconsistency in the green bond, I ran a piece of wire up along of the holes and it disappeared. There was my leak.

Sealed it up so should all be OK now. Normal running I doubt it would have ever been an issue.

Just something to share, hopefully my 03 MSX was the only one.