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    2001 yamaha xl800 top speed

    Purchased a non running xl800 with 11 hours on it.
    The carbs had to be rebuilt they were all gummed up.
    I put the waverunner in the water to run it. Top speed is 35mph at 5000rpm to me this seem slow. Thought waverunner would do about 45mph.
    The waverunner is not missing spark plugs are new.
    Is it possible I do not have the carbs set right?

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    Should easily be a 50-52 mph ski. Rpm's too low. Is all the old gas removed? May take more than 1 tank.

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    yea, I definitely would have siphoned all the old gas out and refilled with good, high octane, NO ethanol gas with some seafoam in it

    I would expect at least 50. Have you done a compression check on the motor?

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    Sounds like the power valves are not opening. When you shut it down, does the power valve motor cycle?

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    I can hear the power valves cycle off when i shut off waverunner

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    just checked the compression of both cylinders 125 each

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    It is possible that the carbs are not set right. It's easy enough to set back to factory if you have access to a repair manual or know the factory specs on it. How does it go from a stand still? If it goes and then at the top rpm kinda chokes and rpm goes back down then it could be the carb. My old wr500 carbs wasnt set right, it was running rich and it would do the action I just mentioned above.

    Also, check the cdi. I've read that there are aftermarket cdi's where you can set the rpm so that might also be limiting you from achieving your top speed since you say that yours only goes up to 5k rpm.

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