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    94 SL 750 Leakdown acceptable range

    Hey guys, quick question about what an acceptable amount of vacuum loss over a 10 minute period would be? I've read on here that 3-4lb loss over a 10 min period would be ok, someone else said 2lb is acceptable. I'd like to see if anyone else can weigh in before I bolt everything back up. I'm using raquetballs with grease, getting the vacuum up to 9lbs and after 10 mins it will fall to 8lb, sometimes 7.5lb. I'm not positive, but I could be getting some seepage on the raquetballs, but before I go get plugs or make something else that bolts on, I wanted to see if it's already in the acceptable range. Thanks!

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    If you're dropping 1-1.5 over 10 minutes you're fine.

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    Thanks Tony,

    That was my gut feeling, I think even if it dropped down to 7 I'd be ok. I'm just not in the mood for another melted piston!

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