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    Benelli B3R Sport bore material

    I am off to see the Benelli 1600cc turbo ski tomorrow with the 13c16 engine in it. The B3R Sport

    On the tech spec it states the cylinder liners are NSC Coated. By this I am taking it they mean Nikasil coated?

    Has anyone had much experience of this? Back in the early 2000's I used to work for BMW and I remember we had to change lots of engines for the Nikasil flaking off the bores.

    Obviously I don't want to buy a ski where this may become a problem!

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    Well I got to see the ski today. Stunning lines give it a very aggressive look. The rep did not know much about the product once I started to probe which was a shame and he had only ridden it once!

    My instant concerns was the build quality of the plastics. They felt of a similar quality to the current Seadoo RXPX, a lot of flex and movement. Not like the older style RXP's where everything felt solid. The mirrors seemed like a bit of an after thought and just bolted on.

    When sitting on it you could not lock yourself into it with your legs, the shape just is not there to really grip it with your thighs.

    The engine bay seems well laid out and accessible to work on.

    Pricing - Well here in the UK this model was up for £18000 - To put this into perspective, a 2013 Seadoo RXPX is circa £14500

    They have agreed to let me sea / lake test it back to back against a Kawasaki 300 Ultra and a Seadoo RXPX - Hopefully this will come off and I can get some footage.

    Interestingly, they do a standup ski - Similar sized to a Seadoo 3D - That uses the same engine as this ski I saw, so 1600cc 3 cyl but not turbo. Am already thinking of a transplant of the 315bhp engine into the stand up sit!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    WOW......They're real !!!

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    hi ,
    first the 315 hp cost in Greece about 19.000 Euro ivat.the 260 hp about 16.000 Euro including vat
    price is international according benelli .
    the 315 hp is amazing like boat ,hp and general it is not only the turbo but the racing cams , pump everything is ready to race .
    the turbo kit can't fit to benelli stand up no space . the stand up b3s it is not like seadoo stand up .b3s is based to s8 and s4 but more improved by any way . ride it and see it ..hope that benelli will sell in U.s

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