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    Slx 1050/1200 carbon fiber hood

    Rare item. Weighs next to nothing. Oem part. Has two spider cracks in the clearcoat that I tried to get a pic of but they don't show up too well.
    Thinking $200 plus shipping.

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    these two different ski's ??? then the other slx you cut up

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    This is my personal ski. Going to eventually sell it so I'm switching hoods to the yellow one from the one I just discarded.
    Having this cf hood on it doesn't add any resale value to it and a few people had already asked about it on the side.

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    Ill sell the ski as well if there is anyone interested. Runs great. No known issues except a busted choke lever.
    Bone stock.

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    F*ck me.

    Damaged the hood today that I was going to swap. Idk how it happened. Was lying In the driveway and then a min later

    So now this is going in the trash and the cf hood has to stay on the ski :-/
    Unless of course you're local and you want to swap your hood in the deal...

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    Had a buyer too..
    Sorry fellas..

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    Quote Originally Posted by caliburst View Post
    So now this is going in the trash ...
    You might want to save the hood safety cable kit pieces.

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