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    seadoo wear ring ?

    So I have a 2000 seadoo rx. I came with a plastic 155 pump. I replaced it with a bronze/brass pump from an older model seadoo.

    Everything rebuild and it felt good turning impeller by hand.

    I went to instal it, and the impeller binds up when I tighten the housing bolts down.

    The only thing I can think of is that the sbt wear ring I bought for the 2000 rx pump does not fit the older pump.

    Does anyone know if they use the same wear ring?

    I noticed a small amount of the wear ring still protrudes from the housing. I also have screws holding on wear ring in place. Possibly this is flexing the wear ring when I tighten it down.

    Or is this just normal with installing these pumps with new wear rings? And I should just let the engine wear the impeller into the new housing.

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    What was wrong with the plastic pump?

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    you need to drill into the wear ring to install the fixing screws, if you do not, the prop will bind.

    the drilling is do not want to go all the way thru.

    a small bit of ring protrudes..that is for the rubber seal to slip over.

    you can check the actual part numbers for the rings, plenty of full specs available on the web too.

    try taking the fixing screws out and see if the prop turns ok. If it does, install the screws correctly.

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    I just removed it all to inspect it. The seal was not pinched. My screws are in perfect. I used tape on a drill bit to get it the correct depth. I tried tightening it down in an x pattern going like every turn, still bound up. I could get it sort of tight and it would turn ok. I switched to a brass pump because mine was broken. A local jet ski shop only had a used brass one to buy, and that seemed like the fastest and lowest cost to use all my new bearings and seals. Also the brass is stronger.

    My last guess is that I am missing some 4 washers or something that goes in between the housing and the pump shoe....?

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    Pump washers, this is what I found quickly

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