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    What did I break?

    Cruising this mornin...all good....full fuel, E 68, L 73, 71mph+ @ 8100rpm through 6"-12" chop

    All of a sudden, no warning, complete shut down. Won't turn gauges...then beeps....battery seems fine on the has just a tick of blade movement at intake...not hot.

    "seadoo" shows on the dash occasionally after I put dess on post. Thing is'll stay there after I remove the dess from the post...for a bit...never done that before.

    Slight frying sound inside the hull....forward of the motor on the port side...doesn't last long enough the few times it's done it to get my ear close enough to pin point the location.

    All that is what happens when I use my regularly used dess. When I try my stand by...I get full gauges and a maint flash...when I try to start...nuthin...lose all gauges....slight frying sound front port side of motor.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Frying sound? I'd start at the battery and check all wiring/grounds and check fuses. Something sounds to have gotten wet.
    Good luck, I hope it's something small.

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    Grounds on the front of the motor?


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    check where the main harness comes off the intake manifold some skis it rubbed through against the hull and causes all sorts of strange electrical problems from what you describe to a dead ski etc etc.

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    From what you've described it sounds like electrical not mechanical.

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    Thanks, fellas.

    I'll be checkin things out shortly.

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    battery at 12.44-12.18 all connections and fuses appear to be correct. battery will take a charge from charger. no beeps...when dess is plugged in."seadoo" comes up on dash when charger is on...stays on dash for a bit even when dess is beeps clicks.

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    Okay...after settling on a hunch...doing a bit more research...

    How about a bad DESS post? I got the battery on a charger...and then I hit the post with a to get most of my display to come up with the standby key.


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    Yes that's a bad dess post.
    Very common failure..

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    kinda of a longshot, but a dess switch that has a high resistance contact _might_ cause electrical oddities. I've never seen one that didn't work ( mostly) or not at all

    Easy to check ....

    find somewhere on the forum the color codes used by your dess switch on/off circuit. clip these wires together and put the key on the post. if you get an engine start signal, the post is the culprit.

    while i'd lay odds on it being a harness rub thru, this is far easier to accomplish then checking every bit of physical harness then going thru the connectors to check the actual wiring.

    Usual steps..reconnecting ecu and so on.

    of course making an offering to Poseidon couldn't hurt either..right?

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