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    Grease Gun question..

    Hello all,

    One of the tools that I use a lot, especially because I ride salt is the grease gun. I also use a good water resistant grease, and my trailer bearings and other fittings get a bit of a squirt after every ride. Because of this I usually end up changing the tube about twice a year and always have a problem priming the damned thing. I always dread the process because I can usually get it pumping right away, but it will build a pocket of air up and lose prime after a few pumps. I will usually get it going for good but not after about 30 minutes of cursing and hitting Was wondering if anyone had any tips to get these things primed right away, or if there are any good brands to choose from that are of better quality and easier to prime. Thanks for the help...

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    I am new so don't know if this has ever been covered. Wipe threads clean on both sides. Only screw it back together about 1/2 way you want it to be pretty loose so air can get out, but on far enough that it doesn't fly apart. Release the plunger and pump a few times all the air will go out though the threads pump till grease comes out the tip. If u get grease though the threads next time screw it just a little tighter not a lot tho

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    grease guns are a pain, air powered ones are too pricey and bulky. Good ones are pricey. Let me say that any grease gun sold for $25 and down is going to be a wheel chock after a few tubes are run thru it.

    I scoop out a couple of gobs from a new cart and lay it in the head. Then assemble..that will get it pumping a few squirts for the job at hand. then hang it up nozzle end down. That pretty much eliminates the air bubble issue

    Cheap guns are good to have around for one shot projects..trailer bearings require a good gun to keep your sanity in check

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    Tip: store grease gun hose side down and relieve the spring pressure, otherwise it will leak the grease oil base on what's below. Releasing the pressure is your best bet if you're an infrequent user.

    I cut a slot in a coffee can so the hose stays straight and have some rags to catch any dipping on plunger rod.

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