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    1200 Keihin Jet Help

    I need help… I bought 3 carb rebuild kits to rebuild my Keihin40mm carbs for my X45. I swapped carbs from the “POS” Bings to Keihin 40mm thatI bought form TXPro1200 4 or 5 years ago. When I took the carbs apart, I didn’trecord the High/Low jets sizes with their respective positions. I have twodifferent jets (42 & 65) that will fit in the same position. I don’t rememberwhere each of the 42 and 65 jets goes.
    Here’s a picture of the jet locations.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Which jet goes where?


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    65 sits closer to center, right side as in photo.

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    correct.main jets would be 140 on the mag,142 cen,135 pto.have you put the red pipe on??

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    Yes, red pipe is installed...

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    @TxPro1200.... Actually I think I bought the red pipe from you also a few years back also (different transaction)...


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