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    Smile Ultra 250x Preventive Work


    I am going to get my first PWC next week. It is a 2008 Ultra 250x with 45 hours. I did a lot of research and first I was a little insecure when I read about the technical problems. Luckily I found a great Kawasaki dealer who ensured me that the Ultra is the best PWC for the rough water conditions on the Baltic Sea in Germany and at all really reliable.

    Now I am asking myself what can I do in order to prevent technical problems especially with the engine. I learnt about the bearings of the jetpump that need to be updated to the 2011 specification. Are the additional things that you recommend to change? Or is there anything else I can do?

    Thanks for your help.

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    1. Remove supercharger belt cover so u can clean and spray protective coating on them , and visually check the belt post ride.
    2. Install fogging port for SC
    3. Service supercharger idler pully and adjuster so it not frozen.
    4. Never sieze spark plugs.....
    5. Learn to blow waterbox out after each ride.
    6. Jet pump too 2013 spec
    7. Check hose clamp and apply lanotec / ff
    8. Wash and apply lanotec etc to engine to prevent corrosion
    9. Oil change intervals need to be shorter than the manual states

    Others will add to this list ....

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    Thanks, that is greatly appreciated.

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    Sell it buy a 2010 260.

    But if you insist. Never warm up your ski before putting it in the water this will help prevent cracking of the head. Idle in water for at least 5 min before wot Also idle for a couple minutes after long runs. Or shutting off.

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    -Pull the inter cooler cooler out once a year and clean it with gas (winter)
    -check the belt tension often. I now check every 10 hours or sooner
    -keep that battery on a tender if u don't ride for a few weeks

    All obvious additions to keeping this machine nice

    Never ride slow especially around Yamaha guys. Look for rough water and ocean sweels

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    Thanks guys.
    Unfortunately the 260 hasn't been sold in Europe. You can get U.S. imports, but service is limited.

    I promise to never ride slow

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    They sold the 260 here in the UK in 09 & 10 which would have come from Kawasaki Europe in Holland.

    As for care, do what Sirbreaksalot listed and you be fine......

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