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    seadoo xp vs gp1200/1300?

    I have been contemplating on buying one of these, I want to do SOME tubing, and wakeboarding every now and then, but mostly to have some fun. I will be doing more wave jumping/carving. I threw a stx15f in the mix, but it's no wear near as fun as either of these. I want a fast, nimble ski. I don't want a supercharged ski, to much maintenance and money involved. I have read reviews and everything on them both, was just trying to find some info from previous owners of these, what there good/bad for?

    If you have any other ski inputs throw them in, I'm open to all 2 stroke/naturally aspirated skis, that aren't TO much.

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    I wouldn't wakeboard behind either of those. It is illegal In most states for a two seater, and they are so light, you would yank the back end around. I would get the stx.

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    00-01 GTX di, 00-02 carberated 951 GTX are very nice machines. The 98 and the 99 had some issues, but both machines can be updated by the right person for $$. The dis are amazing on fuel milage and very reliable-- IF taken care of and you have the right person working on it or setting it up. These machines are now 11-15 years old.

    If you have had good experience with the high performance 2 strokes, the 4 stroke super charged machines tend to be MUCH more reliable-- I have owned many of each-- I personally see the 4 stroke super charged skis as the "good deal" for maintance, reliability, HP, fuel type and consumption. But there are so different in size and riding style.

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