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    Hood latch broken

    Went to fuel up yesterday and the hood release broke. Any tricks to getting the hood up? I'm guessing Ill have to remove the bars and riser to get to the nut on the latch pin but if some one has a better Idea I'm all ears.

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    A good trick to start with is to let us know what kind of ski u have....... just sayin

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    DOH!! you got me my apologies. 08 ultra250 I got her open by going through the plastic part that creates the visor for the instrument cluster. Seems the latch was fine till I forced it, it was the dampener that was keeping the cowling from coming up it had rusted and bound up. Ordered some new parts be back in the water next weekend. Adding another item to the everyride ride service list

    You guys have been awesome thanks for the sound advise

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    make a pinch hole in the dampner sock and spray water suppresent in there are each ride then rub it all round

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    Noted Jak and will do . Thanks again.

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