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    2010 RXT-X Cluster Reading @start-up after sitting for several weeks (OIL PRESSURE)

    Hey guys, just quick question. I started my ski after it has sat for a couple of weeks. When I glanced at the cluster upon start up, I think a oil pressure message was displayed for a split second. Never noticed this before. It did not stay on and ski started just fine and after another start to check it again, it never displayed. Could this been a display due to it sitting for so long and with all the oil settled back into the sump, it just did not have the pressure upon start up. Any ideas???? Ski has 114 hours and runs perfect!!!

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    Pressure sensor may have been slow to send a signal or bad connection. Might want to verify you're pressure with after market gauge.

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    I've seen that before on a few skis. There is no problem it takes a second to build up pressure and these skis are super sensitive. I've also seen it blip on when doing spins on a rxp.

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