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    Purchased 2003 MSX 140

    Just bought a 2003 MSX 140 with a nice double trailer for $1250. The guy couldnt figure out what was wrong with it. Wouldnt idle and drove like crap. pulled the spark plugs and saw some pos regular spark plug installed. Paid the guy and took it home. Put new plugs in it today, the correct NGK $11.00 plugs, took it to the water unloaded it and it sounded real funny. Pulled it to the shore and I have water coming in around the through hull bearing. I know the sizes of the bearing and seals but O'Reillys couldnt look it up by size. Anyone know the Federal Mogul pn#? Excited to see if this thing is fixed.

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    Oh and I also got an extra crankshaft and two jugs with pistons in them. Real good shape.

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    See the jet pump section from my signature links. I think the size info is in there.

    The MSX uses a different through-hull bearing and seals from all other Polaris models.

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    I was looking at your post there. I've got the size but they can't look it up by size apparently.

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    The rebuild kit is available through a Polaris Dealer. Maybe 35 bucks.

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