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    1994 Polaris SL 750 problems... again.

    Well, the saga continues. No matter how hard I try to treat my 1994 Polaris SL 750 like the love of my life it keeps on going out and breaking my heart. Ok, so this time I was out on the water for one last ride before winterizing it going about 30 mph when it feels like I hit a brick wall and stopped. A high pitched whining sound started happening. I immediatly shut it down and tried restarting it... It restarted fine but still the high pitched whining sound. I hit the gas and nothing. The engine revvs and starts fine up but no thrust at all... Nothing. I shut it down and get towed in. I get in the water and go under it and the impeller was clear etc but clearly not turning when the engine is running. Not sure what my problem is. I just had a piston replaced that had a hole burnt into it in may. Switched to the triple outlet pump I got from J.Z and was running fine for the rest of the summer until this. Im guessing something with the impeller? Crank? Shaft etc.. I dont know. any help is appreciated and how much this problem may cost to have someone else do it. thanks!

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    Remove the jet pump and inspect the drive splines, on both ends of the drive shaft.

    Also look inside the impeller nose at the mating splines, and inside the engine drive coupler.

    Do not stick your finger in, metal splinters are painful.

    Check the impeller bearings for smooth operation, no slop or play, no gritty feeling as it turns.
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    Kinda sounds like what happened to me when my jet drive locked up, but it didn't free spin so it sounds like you chewed up the splines.

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