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    Thanks Green Hulk and all posters SeaDoo 215 Speedster Supercharger issues

    First of all, I wanted to say thanks to this site and all of the great posts relating to my issue.

    I have a 2008 SeaDoo Speedster 215, which lost RPM and Top speed, and due to this site, I determined it was the supercharger washers. First I remove the hose from the super charger and could free spin the impeller fan. That was the first proof that it was the supercharger. So I bought a new supercharger online for about $850. I also bought a rebuild kit online for about $179 and the rebuild tools for $85. I figured I would put in the new one, and rebuild the old on over the winter. I wanted to see my fix worked this year, before the lay up for winter.

    Removal was easy due to the instructions on this site, detailing a 215 Jet Ski, but basically the same for a 215 Jet Boat. The 215 speedster has a lot of room to work in the engine compartment. I did the change out in the water because all the wash racks at my marina were full. I still had to remove the exhaust clamp and push the exhaust hose and muffler back 2 inches to get the supercharger out. It just does not have enough clearance to come out, without moving the hose and muffler. Other than that, it is three bolts. So I removed the old one, and with a little anti-seize and some Loctite, the new one was in. After connecting all the hoses and muffler assembly, she was good to go!

    I donít know why, but my top speed was about 55 mph when she was brand new, and now it is about 63 mph. And 65 mph (when I get some air). Thanks all posters on this site. I saved a couple of hundred dollars, if not more, in Labor Charges and carting the boat to the shop. Plus, after winter, I will have a rebuilt one that I can interchange in and out and rebuild every 100+ hours as the manuals suggest.

    $1000 and a couple of hours of my time. Oh well, what is one boating unit anyway.

    My extended warranty ran out 6 months ago, and I know BRP is notorious for not taking care of their customers for a known problem (see civil suit about washers that was won in California only. Too bad it was not national).

    Thanks again green hulk, and the entire community of posters who gave good information

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    I really hate to tell you this, but your boat is a ticking time bomb. It doesn't appear that you pulled your engine to clean out the broken washers, which you MUST do immediately after SC washer failure.

    Your engine is probably already toasted, you need to pull it and rebuild over the winter. You will need new oil pumps, new timing chain, and new bearings. Plus all new gaskets and stretch bolts where required.

    There are plenty of threads on this topic. If you need any further assistance on this, there are plenty of forum members here to steer you in the right direction.

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    If your clutch washers were still there your ok.
    If your clutch washers broke and were missing then its a ticking time bomb.

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