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    Conversion Question on Injectors

    Is there any way to take the % number from the ingni map and convert it to a MS rating?

    I want to take the AF Table from the igni and convert it over to the Autronic.

    Is it possible?

    Shawn or (anyone please chime in) you may can help with this.

    Les's hooks up the stock waterbox sensor to read 1 egt's.

    He knows it is not good for much so my thought was to use the dyno tune AFR setup and plug that info in place of the EGT.

    This way I will have an AFR reading in my data log for $200.

    What do you think

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    i set all the values to 100 in the maps. conect the gas A/F meter up and set the Multi- mutiplier to 13.6-1 at idle.

    Then tune the map

    If you have a Auto tune chip like all my Stg1 ECUs have then use Autotune to tune 3-5 sites. Copy the sites to all others and then finish your tune.

    Takes me about 2 hours.

    The A/F meters are about $1800 (dealers cost) if you need one


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