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    1996 Kawasaki zxi 900 throttle issue and water temp problem.

    Apologies for the long explanation, I have a 1996 Kawasaki ZXI 900 I am having issues with a few things really hoping someone can help. Took it on the water yesterday and I could not get it over 10 MPH , engine would rev up from take off but when it got to 10 MPH it would not speed up but the RPM's would and it would shake and vibrate. Also the water that comes out of the pisser is really hot almost to the point of steaming which im sure is not kosher. Could this be an impeller or jet drive issue and maybe plugged pickup on the hot water issue.
    I have searched this entire forum and internet and have not come across anyone having this problem.

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    Look for debris in the jet pump, it only takes something the size of a matchstick to screw it up. Could also be bent/damaged impeller blades or excessive clearance between the blades and the housing. Clearance should be about .025" or less.

    Sounds like the cooling system is plugged or not pumping. Start by inspecting the cooling hose where it attaches to the jet pump. Look for splits in that hose. Remove the other hoses (one at a time) and check for obstructions. Your engine has a cooling chamber on the front of the engine (under the oil pump) that cools the stator. Gets plugged all the time. Remove one of the hoses for that and blow through it--bet it's blocked. Consider installing a cooling water strainer to keep trash out the the system.

    If you try to run it on the flush hose to clear debris, NEVER allow the water to run when the engine isn't running. Start the engine, then turn on the water. Shut off the water, THEN kill the engine.

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    Thanks so much Steve45

    I will defenitly check that out , I pride myself in being a good mechanic , but these skies have made me feel like an idiot. But can't complain this is the first and only problem I have had with it since I have owned it , thanks again for the response.

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