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    Angry 2000 1200 slx bogging down

    Hello All Im a first timer. I bought a 2000 SLX earlier this year. It has run flawlessly all summer till last week. At the end of the day the low fuel came on and it would stall taking off. I thought it was just sucking air due to the low fuel so I took off slow and put it on the trailer. This weekend I took it and toped off the fuel and headed out for a day on the lake. It ran fine for about 5 minutes then just ran like shit. So I took it in and pulled the plugs . They were not bad just a bit of carbon so i cleaned them up. Out i went again for five minutes and again it crapped out. In I went again this time picked up some new plugs. Out i went again with the same results. I thought about what i was doing every time it crapped out and realized it seemed to do it when i was making a turn. Im thinking plug wires next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Couple quick checks:
    Gas tank vent valve - Crack open gas tank cap and see if it runs better. If yes, vent valve is bad, needs replace.
    Exhaust leak - See if it runs good with seat open. If YES you have exhaust leak. Find the leak and fix it.

    If above two didn't fix your problem then it's probably a good time to take your carbs apart for good inspection.

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