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    Americas Cup (Yachting)

    Anyone on here following it? I'm not into sailing (real boats have motors!) but these new cats are really impressive. 42knots on the water, no sail but powered by a giant wing. Pretty cool

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    You know, I've never really been interested until I got my PWCs. Now I have a fantasy about sailing long distances--but I don't have a clue how!

    That being said, my wife was channel surfing the other weekend and came across this. I was shocked by how hi-tech the boats are and how fast they are! I was even more shocked by how interested I got in watching the race! I thought it would be a snooze-fest, but it was pretty exciting.

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    I have been sailing since (solo) 8 years old. First boat was an El Toro. Then a Coronado 15. Then a Hobie Cat. My family had Santana's, San Juans, and Ericsons.
    It's funny: Love jet ski's. Love sailing. Motor boat I could care less for.

    I have followed the Cup races since late '60s and I do not really like the current way it is done.

    Hired guns: Used to be Aussies, Kiwis, Germans, French, Japs, etc. etc. and who ever had the best boat and crew won. Now it's really not USA vs.? It is syndicate A vs. B, etc.
    Sometimes best helmsman/tactician combo won even on an inferior boat. This was during the 12 mtr. era. (60's, 70's, 80's,early 90's) We held the Cup for 100 years and race was always Newport Rhode Island.
    The new boats are awesome, faster then the wind, hi-tech, just unbelievable performance craft. But I would like to see the race go back to country vs. country on similar craft.

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    The wife & I were in San Fran for a week during July. A friend was pointing out some of the sites along the waterfront(s), including the nations being represented during the 'Cup. The boats - wow! Unfortunately, as per my San Franciscan connection, I was told the 'Cup did not draw as much attention to the city as was hoped for.

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    You bet GZA soooo exciting.

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    Friend of mine was there watching it. And there also a Top Gear episode with one of thought boat and gives an up close look at how them work.

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