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    iBR Module Error / Design Flaw

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to your forum but I'm interested to hear your opinions on an issue I'm having.

    As of a a couple days ago, I experienced a recurring IBR module error on a 2013 SeaDoo GTR. From searching the forums it sounds like it's not an uncommon issue.

    I spoke with the dealer and they are working to resolve the cause (they say it's often a loose bolt).

    After thinking about it some more, it occurred to me that this is actually a huge design flaw & I decided to speak with SeaDoo about it. After speaking with them on the phone I was told the following:

    - We can't tell you if this is a known issue
    - Deal with your dealer, not us directly please.
    - As far as they know, there is no "fix" in the works.

    Basically..." thanks for your money... have a nice day"

    Here is an e-mail I sent to them. I'm awaiting a response.


    TOPIC: IBR Module Error.

    When starting the seadoo (with 39 hours), I was surprised that it started in FORWARD, not NEUTRAL and then gave me an error message well AFTER the craft was moving. After turning the engine off, removing the key and starting again, I was amazed to find the Seadoo exhibited the exact same behaviour.

    There was no warning before starting the engine that the IBR was experiencing an issue... this is 100% UNACCEPTABLE!

    You advertise a watercraft that starts in NEUTRAL... allowing the engine to start without the gate in the neutral position EVERY TIME is reckless and negligent on your behalf.

    Utilizing software and electronic controls is indeed a step forward in technology, but taking the manual control out of the users hands means that your software & hardware needs to GUARANTEE consistent results or prevent the user from starting the engine without first acknowledging an error in the system.

    At least with the older units (manual control, not software controlled), you can tell someone that it starts in forward, therefor preparing them and allowing them to orient the unit into a safe position.

    Presenting an error message for a pre-existing condition AFTER the engine has started means a user who is expecting no movement, unexpectedly ends up with a craft heading for the shore, the dock, another watercraft or god forbid, another person. An inexperienced rider may even grab the REVERSE lever and then try to apply throttle to avoid a collision... but under this circumstance you'd inadvertently increase forward speed as a result.

    Not only could this flaw cause personal injury & property damage, but it also tarnishes the reputation of your company & an otherwise great product.

    I can no longer let my family and friends ride your product for fear that they might experience this malfunction and hurt themselves or others due to this unexpected startup condition.

    Please let me know how & when you plan to rectify this issue.



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    Welcome to the GH
    dude your preaching to the choir
    some one actually having to push a button for F or R that's too old school for brp
    sorry, I am no help but I will bet that you will need a new module
    just think how many of them they will $ell when their warrantee is over...LOL

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    yep, at 19 hours the Dealer had to replace my IBR on my RXP. $1400.00 part and replacement according to them.

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    Happened to me on my GTR. IBR module was replaced, dealer stated that it was an updated part# so some changes were made, however you have a 2013 and I had a 2012. Second check your fuse box located on your battery right behind the front storage area. Mine had broken off from ocean pounding and the fuse for the IBR module was loose-- causing intermittent issues/dash warnings/limp mode/ibr failure etc. I bought a new bracket for the fuse holder for $12-14 (might of been covered but I just replaced it myself) and no issues anymore. Third some crafts have the wire harness too tight or its up against the hot exhaust-loosen it or secure it away from the exhaust. I am now IBR error free.

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    I've ridden and had many many ibr skis and only 1 time have I experienced an issue. That was a loose bolt in the pump area binding on the ibr.
    It was on a 2011 tx and warranty fixed it..

    The ibr is by far the best thing to enter the pwc arena in many years!!!

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    Approaching the manufacturer about an issue that has to be dealt with by a dealer is going to fall on deaf ears.

    While it's good to go on record with Seadoo Corporate, you need to develop a relationship with the people you directly handed your cash to.

    I can tell you after 20 years in quality control in a high tech company that the recipients of your letters to corporate do act on them, but you'll never see what is happening behind the scenes until a replacement assembly or service bulletin is issued. Denial is the SOP of quality control when it comes to co9mmunicating with end users. However, I can tell you I spent many an afternoon beating my shoe on the conference room table demanding that our factory rep do something about the issue right now. I'm sure Seadoo has some gadfly who is also a shoe banger. We can only hope right?

    Best to write these letters to your dealer, outlining their failures to correct the problem and copy those letters to corporate.

    It's nearly universal policy to have dealers address issues. Corporate has to gather data, do analysis and then if possible make corrective actions to be applied at the factory level.

    For the moment, assuming this ski is under warranty, read up on your specific rights ( they do vary by state) and speak calmly with the shop manager, as all everybody wants is a good resolution. Being angry only puts up walls between you and your solution. Plenty of time for angry letters to BRP about how long it took..after you are happily back on the water

    The LAST thing you want to do is piss of the local dealer, as they will most certainly get a phone call from regional manager asking them what the %^%$^$^$ is up about making you happy..which can sometimes put you in the penalty box for months while your ski is being looked over.

    Then it gets nasty.

    I haven't had much dealings with the IBR yet, but there are plenty of threads here with pics of the various faults found in this system. This will help you have an informed and sane discussion of the things needed to be done to get you back on the water.

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