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    300x Jetpump removal for impeller repair

    Gday everyone. I have been lurking around this forum for 6 months having purchased a new (From Kawasaki Aus) 300x in January, and this is my first post to give back to the greenhulk community and hopefully help out others.

    After a weekend of running my 300x in water not deep enough at Wallis Lake, (Forster NSW Australia) and having obviously sucked in more sand than I had intended I noticed that my acceleration was not as good as it used to be and ski would cavitate and bounce off the rev limiter with full throttle application from standing start.

    I could still reach 107kmh but had to feather the throttle off the mark to prevent this cavitation.

    Anyway after a little research and advice from forum member nicjak (thank you!) I pulled the pump out and took it to Yan Eschembrenner from Propellor Repairs Australia ( for repair (Southport QLD).

    Can't recommend Yan highly enough. He had one look at my pump and said "You have been riding through sand have you?". Anyway, 5 days later he had repaired my impeller and the gap is now barely measurable (it was about .7mm before repair).

    Cost of repair was AU$141 including freight back to my house in Sydney.

    Here is a quick set of instructions on how to pull pump out the back of ski -

    1 - Remove rear boarding step (4 hex head bolts)

    2 - Remove reverse bucket-Put ski in reverse
    - Remove reverse cable (spring loaded quick release - slide forward)
    - Remove two bolts holding reverse bucket in place

    3 - Remove steering actuator bolt on right and trim actuator bolt on the left of jet nozzle

    4 - Remove jet nozzle (aft section of jet pump) 4 bolts (also mine had 1 hose connected to top of this part - no clamp)

    5 - Remove 3 rubber hoses from impeller housing (need 6mm socket for clamps, mine were a bit tricky as the clamps were on bad angles)

    6 - Remove 4 pump mounting bolts

    7 - Remove 2 more hex head bolts from UNDERNEATH that hold the impeller casing in place

    8 - Pull impeller casing out the back of the jet ski (should only be held in now my the rubber seal around the impeller

    Installation is reverse of this, not forgetting to grease splines with Molybdenum Disulphide grease (yes it does quieten the pump rattle at idle when not in the water) and 2 types of loctite for various bolts (271 for pump mount bolts) and torque as per manual.

    Thanks again to nicjak for recommending Yan and all forum contributors for great info.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    glad it worked out for you a tip when installing the pump seal is put some detergent on it, makes it nice and slippery.

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    I've found it easier on my Kawis to leave the reverse gate attached(minus the control hookup), and remove the whole ride plate which will drop the reverse bucket along with up. This also relieves you from removing the step, and you have to go under the ski anyway to remove the 2 pump bolts, so what's 6 more. Just my experience, but thank you for the write up..

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    reason being as some of us have the plate sealed on

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