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    oil injection fitting at carb base for 2002 stx-r

    Can anyone tell me what is or should be between the very small spring and the oil injection line fitting at the base of each carburetor? Is there supposed to be a little check ball or not? And if yes, what size (diameter) are they and where can I get three of them?


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    No check balls. I believe the only check balls in the system are in the case between the balancers for cylinder 1&3..

    If I may ask why do you think theres check balls?

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    I found small light duty springs in the carb base above the oil line fitting and some "Kawasaki mechanic" said/thought they were above a little check ball to keep oil distribution correct or to keep fuel from entering the oil line or to keep oil from running into the engine when it was not running. Been trying to track it down. I could never find any check balls. So, that is what I am trying to find out is if there are or should be any check ball between the spring and the pressed in oil line fitting.

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    Ill check on a junk pair of carbs when I get home. Pretty sure if there is a check ball on those oil lines its in the oil pump.

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    I certainly hope so. It looks like or sounds like maybe the easiest fix to the oil seepage at the oil lines to the carbs is to install the block of kit and premix the gas. Talked to a kawasaki super tuner in Florida and he recommended that. What do you think. It has about a 100 (?) hours on it and runs great.

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    i do not recommend going premix on the ultra 150 or stxr. it is more complicated then one might think, the oil pump not only feeds the carbs it also feeds the front and rear balancers. in the balances there are checkballs in the case which feed the front and rear cylinders with oil. the outputs on the oil pump are configured to supply a different amount of oil. to remove the oil injection from the kawasaki 1200 you have to split the case and block off both of those checkballs, then every 10-15 hours you have to plan to remove the engine and change the oil in each balancer, in other words its just not worth it. i dont have this seepage problem you are having.. maybe you have an issue somewhere

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    what condition are your oil lines in? have you replaced them?

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    The easiest way to stop the gravity bleeding of the reservoir, is to install a ball valve in the feed line, you would just have to remember to turn it on before you start the ski.

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    Do not. I repeat, do not premix an ultra 150 or Stxr. There are no check balls in the carb bases. The best thing u can do at this point is to replace ALL the oil lines while you are working on it. The tygon lines are what I used after numerous recommendations from other site members. Secure the lines with a couple of twist of mechanics wire and you will be good to go for years.... The oil lines on these skis tend to get brittle over time, best to replace them before wiping out a motor.

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    Any tygon or polyurethane lines will work fine. You should do some reading here and at skiworx forum to truly learn about your machine

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