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    Swapped out my reeds today and found this, what caused it you think?

    This is out of the #3 (pto) cylinder of 1200pv. The tips of three of the reeds are brown and starting to disintegrate. All of the others looked great, even the others in that cage.

    Thoughts?Click image for larger version. 

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    Backfires. Generally two cause.
    1) carb problem, gas flooded the engine, gas goes to lower end and boom.
    2) forgot to shut of the petcock during trailering, pwc shake and gas goes to lower end and boom. Less likey.

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    The most likely cause of reeds that look like that is at some point there was a cylinder failure and someone repaired the bad piston/cylinder and left the reed unchecked and put the engine back together. And there is always gas in the crank portion of the engine. And the only way to have a backfire through the reeds is for the gas to ignite when the piston is below the transfer ports. Witch would mean your crank is out of phase or the key way was sheared.

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