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    2013 Stock VXS Oil Change Frequency.

    I know this has probably been answered a million times, but I couldn't find it through the search function.

    As per the title, I have a 13' VXS, its my first ski so I'm still learning. I did the first change no issues what so ever at 10 Hours, and am now at around 35 Hr.

    I know the owner manual states oil change every 50 Hrs and filter change every 100 Hrs. I'll start by saying it sounds stupid to change the oil and not the filter, so I would always do them both just as added value. That being said, I keep hearing conflicting opinion about whether to change the oil every 25Hrs or 50Hrs as stated in the manual.

    If it makes any difference, the ski is used in the ocean only, its bone stock.

    Owners manual at page 87.

    How often should I change the oil?

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    I change mine every 33ish hrs with a filter change every other time.

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    Changed mine at 10, 50, 100, and will again at 150. Filter done everytime as well.

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    i change mine at about 40hrs, i noticed that as i approached 50hrs, it started to leak out the rear seal, stopped leaking after the oil change, so i went with 40hrs, using Mobil 1 SYN 15/40 motorcycle racing oil

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    Thank you very much for your input. Until now I see oil level to be just fine and no leaks or anything. I'll just change it at 50 hrs which is 40 hrs since the last change.

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    Im at 257 hrs....changed oil and filter at 10,50,100,150,200 hrs (mostly with in 5 hours either side of the numbers), going to change oil and filter in the next few weeks before I winterize it (installing new plugs in spring)....oil has always looked like it did when I put it in.....

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