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Thread: gp1200 no spark

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    gp1200 no spark

    so, i bought a 98 gp1200 really cheap, worked great, great compression readings. i took it to the lake once and it was flawless, 66 on the speedo. i took it out a second time where it ran great for a few minutes then suddenly died on the water. through previous direction on this site i ohmed my magneto and it was all to specs. i replaced to CDI with a used eBay CDI and still had no spark. after trying to unplug the wire leading from the handlebar controls i still found no spark. i replaced a battery and checked all my grounds and lo and behold still no spark. this leads me to believe A) i bought a bad CDI from eBay, B) the mageneto and stator really arent OK even though they tested good, or C) i have no idea. is there a way to test the CDI without placing it in a known working ski? im about through my troubleshooting abilities and i really dont want to rack up a huge troublshooting bll at a dealer. please help.

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    If the test is good it should be ok, how do you know there spark though? I check my spark using a spark tester, the one with a lot bulb in the middle and well, if you see the light there is spark. Did you check compression?

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    my ski would not start and it was the start stop button on the bars that had me in a fit... we opened it up and cleaned off the contacts inside the button and she started right up.

    good luck getting yours running

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