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    Correct CDI for 94 SL 750?

    I have 2 94 Polaris SL 750's that I just got and the wires on the fuel tank sender and the oil level sender have been cut and other wires are spliced together. The electrical box on this one looks different than the one on the other machine. The machine runs just fine, but the fuel level and oil level obviously do not work. The trim also doesn't work, but that could be a separate issue. My question is, with this electrical box can I make my gauges and everything work? Hopefully someone can weigh in on whats going on with this thing. I'll see if I can find a wiring diagram for this in the tech/tips section as well.

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    Are you sure your skis are both 94's? The CDI in your picture is for a 1993 650/750 ski, they are not interchangable with the 94 750's. The right CDI for the 94-95 750's is F8T32071, also any 780 CDI F8T33071,F8T33073, F8T33074 will work. Maybe its possible to wire in the analog cdi(93) in place of the digital cdi(94&95) I have never heard of this being done, but that might explain why the gauge doesn't work as the 93 did not have a digital display & all those spliced wires look like they go to the electrical stator.

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    Pretty sure they are both 94's, they look IDENTICAL, both have same gas tanks with the sending unit, oil tank with level indicator I'll double check the VIN. Someone would have had to change everything to newer parts and splice in an older analog CDI if thats the case. It runs just fine, but sure would be nice to have fuel and oil level indicators with my kids riding these things. Any ideas what the correct CDI would set a nice guy like myself back?

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    Thanks for the info RLACEMAN, I just picked up a whole assembly from a 95 SL 750 off of ebay for $150 which included the CDI, Coils, Wiring Harness, Trim Motor, Stop switch/Trim Button etc. I felt that was a good buy considering people are asking $150 for just the cdi itself. I guess I'll have one from a 93 to sell when I do the switch over.

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