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    2006 Seadoo Sportster -surge portetion/blow-off valve

    New owner of a 2006 Seadoo Sportster. Will be pulling the supercharger this weekend to rebuild to be on the safe side. Is there any need for installing a surge protection/blow-off valve for my unit? Do they make one for the 2006 Sportster?

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    The common abbreviation for the Blow off valve on this forum is BOV... search for "BOV" and there is a lot of good reading. I have an 04 RXP, bought it early this year, and it has the same motor as your 06 sportster. After doing all the reading my decision was NO on the BOV... the common consensus here is that the risks out weigh the benefit... Use the search, there are a lot of good HOW TO threads. Basically 99% of what applies to the skis apply to your boat as the parts are pretty interchangeable.

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    From what I've read throughout the forums, and my personal experience, it make very good sense to install a BOV on any SC engines....especially if you are going to rebuild the SC...perfect timing.
    I also have a Seadoo 230 Challenger that I've installed RIVA BOV on both engines.

    DOO IT !!!

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