Hello all,

I picked up a 97 wave venture 1100 earlier this year for 400 with a bad motor. He had a spare motor that was just rebuilt, but missing a few parts. I pieced the two together, and got the ski running. I rode it for most of the summer, and it had a large hesitation between idle and full throttle that seems common to these skiis. I put up with that after rebuilding/changing the carbs and figured I would fix it this winter when I had time.

The last time I took the ski to the lake I hit the starter button and it made a wierd sound and then nothing. Kinda like it was hydrolocked(only I know for a fact it wasnt) and the starter was struggling to turn it over. After a couple attempts it simply stopped working at all. I pulled the battery and gave it a good charge and tried again, with only the solenoid clicking. Last night I pulled the gas tank and opened the main electrical box and tried shorting the solenoid to get the starter to turn. I get very small sparks from the solenoid on the short, but no starter movement. When I first tried the solenoid would click with the push of the start button, now I get nothing. The motor is not locked up(can turn by hand), and has good even compression in all cylinders and a known good fully charged battery. There is a small black wire that runs from underneath one of the two main power lines to the solenoid that is broken/disconnected and Im not sure where it should go. Im assuming its a ground, and that it may be part of my problem.

At this point Im thinking I should pull/test my starter out of the ski. Is there anything else that you guys are seeing in my story that I should check, aside from the black wire?

As a side note, I know of the fuse breaking issue in these skis, and it actually did happen to me. I replaced the fuse with a new fused link, and soldered it in with heat shrink over the exposed areas so I know that part is good as well.