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    SLXH 1050 - possible duf battery or starter?

    hi all. I have a polaris slxh 1050 and while cranking my voltage drops to 9.8 on the battery terminals so i get a no spark situation. if i put a small 8 amp battery on aswell with jumpers it starts no prob as the voltage stays high enough.

    now i thought the battery was no good so i put a brand new one on which i charged over night but i had the same situation.

    i have checked alll connections etc and everything is fine.

    has anyone else had this problem? is it possible that the starter is drawing too much current?

    any help or advice would be much appreciated.thanks.
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    Remove and clean the engine end of the black battery cable. Make sure the cable end, the engine mounting boss, the bolt and the bolt hole threads are all clean metal.

    Do the same with both red cables at the start solenoid, inside the electrical box.

    Where were you connecting the booster battery cables to the machine?

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    Thanks for replying i was simply putting the jumper cables straight on the battery terminals. I will check the engine side cable ground and the starter motor connections tomorrow. I already checked the connections inside the box they are all very clean.

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