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Thread: vxr bounce

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    vxr bounce

    im a owner of a 2012 vxr. im a recreational rider @ new to jetski world. usually ride double with wife @ we love our ski. but I am looking to make it ride a little smoother in chop. willing to give up some speed to do so . any suggestions?

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    Rough water comfort is not really part of the VXR's core DNA... you might wanna take a look at Yamaha's FX series of hulls for a better ride with passengers in the chop, maybe pick up a second ski for the wife.

    That said, the VXR is still a great ski and hopefully some of the VXR guys will have some suggestions for you.

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    If you dont mind losing a little speed you can shim the back of the ride plate down with some fender washers.....

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