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    Kawasaki 750 ST water hose fitting on manifold...cannot find hose to connect to.

    I am stumped. There is a hose fitting that comes out of the side of the exhaust manifold on the engine toward the top. When I hook up the hose to cool the engine, a warm steady stream of water flows out of the fitting. I am unable to find the hose that connects to this or does this get blocked?

    Thanks for your help!


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    I think you're looking at the fitting for the peehole. Look at the peehole fitting on the side of the hull and follow the hose back to the engine. There should be a metal cylinder with wires coming out, that's the overheat sensor. Another hose should go from there to the fitting on the exhaust manifold.

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    Thank You ! That was it. It was hidden in the upper edge of the body.

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