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Thread: 15f issue

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    15f issue

    Hey seem to have wee issue on my 15f. It has a rattle vibration sound on and odf the water. Doesnt do it while accelerating but is there when hold or is rather bad when decelerate. Removed jet pump still there. Pushed on drive shaft while running and it disappeared. Gone damper or drive shaft holder ??? Engine out to fix either or or can you slide it forward enought? Cheers

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    You can slide it forward but keep the oil temp sensor off the hull when doing so. The shaft isolator is easy to check for, remove the coupler cover and look.


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    Anymore takers going to pull it apart this week

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    Sounds like dampener , but you can see that plan as day before you pull then engine forward off the mounts

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    Pulled air intake ect out of the way today everything seems alright shaft nce and solid bearings good. Just un bolted housing and spun it arou d shaft. Sound definatly from that area. Slide enginw forward and check dampner? Or could it be something in drive shaft end of engine?? Cheers

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    One or the rear mount bolts had pulled the thread out this could be the issue??

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