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    2000 zxi

    I have a 200 zxi that isn't getting fuel into the fuel filter. I was going to remove the carbs but can't get to the top bolts without removing the exhaust manifold. I took my lines off and blew threw em to make sure they are clear and still nothing. Is there a fuel pump anywhere in these ?

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    Which engine do you have? You should be able to remove the carbs without removing the exhaust manifold on all of these engines: 750, 900, 1100.

    The fuel filter will never be more than about half full, that is normal. The fuel pump will be on the carburetor rack assembly.

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    better get a manual. Or a pile of cash.

    the fuel pump cannot be repaired, they do not sell repair kits for that pump and once you crack the case to inspect are done..

    if you prime the carbs up with a little premix, does the engine run?

    are the fuel line in the correct holders on the hull? it an OEM fuel filter?

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    Its a 1100 Zxi,thats the only ZXi made in 2000,Take off the flame arrestor,Throw a few squirts of fuel into each carb.Does it start?Is there any fuel in the gas filter?Check your pulse line and make sure its not cracked/rotted.will need more info to help you.

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    Check the pickup screens in the fuel tank as well, they break up over time and clog up the On/Reserve valve assy, they make a aftermarket 3 outlet pickup but you lose the fuel valve and reserve, not that you really need it just watch the gauge.

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