I am rebuilding the carbs on a 2001 Yamaha GP 1200.. I was able to blow out the nozzles on carbs 1 and 3 for the accelerator pump. The diaphragm on it is also in good condition and it appears to be working so I am really wanting to keep it all stock.. I used the shiney springs that came in the mikuni carb kit... I did not check pop off pressure or remove the tamper proofs for the needle jets.. it starts right up but only wants to run half choked and also has a flat spot in the mid range.. Does anyone know what the stock pop off pressure should be??? and I guess I should go ahead and remove the high and low speed tamper proofs and make sure the passages are clear and maybe adjust the air fuel high and low speed???? being I am going back stock I did not alter any of these... so,,please,,if any one knows the stock pop off pressure and base high and low speed settings please help... I do airconditioning work and will be available if anyone ever needs any help from me...Thanks ,,,Sammy