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Thread: MR1 Cylinders

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    MR1 Cylinders

    Guys there is a hell of a lot of contradictory information floating around about the MR 1's cylinders. All my searching so far tends to suggest they are nikasil plated, not cast sleeved... BUT I have been told by more than one machine shop that this isn't the case.

    In any case, I have a motor with a damaged cylinder that needs to be sorted. I've got an SBT cylinder sleeve for it, but I'm now wondering if I should be getting all four machined out so I can sleeve the whole engine? What if anything should I be worried about if I only get the damaged pot resleeved?

    If the thing is in fact nikasil plated, what depth of damage can be repaired with a re-plating?

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    I'll point out now that the service manual directs you to 'replace the cylinder' if its out of spec. You'd hope if they meant the whole damn block they would mention it? Seems to suggest sleeving to me. Also in this pic, you can see what appears to be dissimilar metals in the base of the cylinder, the brighter stuff being aluminium? Fits with the shape of the new sleeve too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    FX 140 or HO = Different cylinder block/crankcase. Which one do you have?

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    Its actually a VX110, so same as the HO.

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    Go to pwctoday and ask frenchy...he's worked on these for over a decade...he knows them inside out.

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    I'm in the same situation with a 2004 FX HO and have learned the following.

    FX HO and VX110 cylinders are steel with the top 1/4 inch being aluminum. The block is casted with the steel cylinder in place. Because of the al and steel combination the cylinder cannot be plated.

    The difference in the VX110 and FX block is a different coolant pipe pressed into the block and the FX is painted black.

    WSM makes oversize pistons. .25mm for the FX and up to .50mm for the VX110.

    Cost to sleeve looks to be about $250 per hole. If you have more than one cylinder needing sleeved, I think it might be better to find another block.
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