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    95 polaris sl 650 motor replacement

    i have a 1995 polaris sl 650 and as most of you know it has low comprssion on the center cylinder and i was looking around for a new motor i found a member on here that had a short block from sbt that he's selling me but the only problem is the motor was for a 92 sl 650 that has the different cooling system then mine. i was thinking i could use the lower case from my motor, put the new crank in it and then slap the cylinders and heads on from the new motor but i was reading on here that the 650 with the early cooling system had different jugs then the later cooling system??
    is this true?? can i use 92 650 jugs on a 95 650??
    or should i just convert my cooling system to the old style??

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    If you only have low compression on the cen cyl, why are you replacing the motor? Why not just replace/rebuild the cen cylinder, or do a complete top end rebuild on yours?

    As long as your crank bearings feel good, that's the route I would go.

    But to answer your Q, yes the 92 and 93 cyls are different as far as cooling goes. They will work, but you may have water trapped inside your bottom case. So if you're prone to freezing weather, it might not be a good idea. Not to say it can't be done, but there's just easier routes to take than swap cranks from another donor motor to yours.

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    thank you i was thinking about just doing the top end but the price of the sbt motor isnt much higher then a topend kit and having a new crank and topend will make me feel much safer when i do long rides! so i guess ill have to pull the crank and pistons out of the new motor and install them in my case.

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    Still wondering why you don't just do the CEN? You say you will be putting in a new crank, but isn't this SBT motor you speak of used? Why is it better than yours? If you do swap them, Make sure you look at your crank seals, and consider replacing them while you have the cases apart. The kit is only about $45, and often are included in a $100 gasket kit. You will need new base gaskets, intake, and carb base gaskets anyway. If you pulled the heads, you should get new head gaskets.

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    no the motor im getting was bought put on a shelf and never used now being sold to me with 0 hours on it! and it comes with new gasket so i dont have to worry about it

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