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    Wave Raider reed problem, I'm stumped!

    I've searched and read about flipping the reeds to help them seal better but even with a new reed set they still wont seal. 96 Waveraider 700 is new to me and had been sitting up for several years so I replaced the fuel lines, filter, plugs, compression check etc. I've taken the ski out several times and it would idle rough, accelerate then die at about 10mph. I pulled the reed valves and noticed that the reeds were fatigued and not sealing well, I installed a new set of reeds and took the ski out and was surprised at how good it ran for approx 15 minutes then had the same symptoms as before (hesitation, then wont go over 10mph. I pulled the reed valves out again and noticed you could see light though them. Even flipping the reeds you could see light. The reed cages look good, no imperfections that I can see? When the ski stalls it seems like it is getting richer and richer and leaning the screws doesn't have much of an affect. Got any ideas? I've been thinking about trying some Boyesen reeds but don't want to spend the money and end up where I am now. Why doesn't anyone offer aftermarket reed cages for a 61x intake?

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    never flip your reeds over after they are used. Once they are used, they take a "set", and if you flip em and make them flex in the opposite direction they break in a very short time. Seeing a slight amount of light thru them when relaxed are normal, Yamaha has a minimum spec for it but I don't have the number handy. Check your selector valve. Had a small issue like yours on my 97 runner III. Once gas has set up for several years you have to be VERY VERY thorough to get the fuel system back to life. And be sure you use a GENUINE oem mikuni kit. Anything else, no matter who made it, is junk. Had the same problem with my raider 760, used genuine kits, solved the problem. Good luck, and thanks for saving a raider!

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