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    New to me waveraider, need some advice..

    96 Waveraider 700 is new to me and had been sitting up for several years so I replaced the fuel lines, filter, plugs, and did a compression test (within spec)

    I've taken the ski out several times and it would idle rough, accelerate then die at about 10mph. After re-checking everything I took it out again and it didn't start bogging until after an hour of running great. I thorougly cleaned and rebuilt the carb and replaced the stock reeds with a new set of stock reeds as you could see light coming through the reed cage. I took the ski out and was surprised at how good it ran for approx 15 minutes then had the same symptoms as before (hesitation, then wont go over 10mph. I pulled the reed valves out again and noticed you could see light though them. Even flipping the reeds you could see light. The reed cages look good, no imperfections that I can see? When the ski stalls it seems like it is getting richer and richer and leaning the screws doesn't have much of an affect which is why I'm hung up on thinking its the reeds. Got any ideas? I've been thinking about trying some Boyesen reeds but don't want to spend the money and end up where I am now. Why doesn't anyone offer aftermarket reed cages for a 61x intake?

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    With new reeds installed I would probably eliminate that as a possibility?
    If It runs great for an hour and then bogs could just be something in the fuel or fuel lines? Any old gas in there?
    What do the plugs look like?

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    I pulled the plugs and they were carbon fouled. I'm wondering if I may have an electrical issue, I guess its time to break out the ohmeter

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    Fire it up then shove a rag into the exhaust outlet. Look for exhaust smoke leaking into the engine compartment. If everything is OK then I would be looking for possibly weak spark.

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    did you flush the tank? very common thing missed. did you do a leakdown test on the case? do compression tests on cold and warm engine, and what are these in spec reading you got.

    and v force offers reeds i believe. or you can swap in a 62t case with dual 38mm carbs if you want some extra punch.

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    I flushed the tank right after I bought it and only run non-ethanol fuel. New fuel lines, fuel filter and cleaned the fuel switch so I think I can eliminate a fuel issue. It feels like it's going into "limp mode", I had an outboard that had a bad sensor that would make the engine do the same thing my ski is doing. I'm going to unplug it this weekend and see what happens.

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    Just to give an update I took the ski out for a couple of hours yesterday after unplugging the overheat sensor and it ran perfect. I rode around for about a half hour at 1/4 throttle-1/2 throttle pulling over several times checking the engine temp and then the rest of the time 1/2-full throttle with no issues what-so-ever. So since I've narrowed it down to the sensor I plan on replacing it, on another note would I be wise to replace my stator? I'm not having issues with it but the ski is a 96, I'm using the ski more for transportation to my favorite fishing spots on a local river and one spot is approx 6 miles away so I want a reliable machine.

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    In general the Yamaha stators are very reliable.

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