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    gp1200r carb rebuild, doesn't seem to be getting fuel..please help sort of a noob

    Well, Ijust rebuild the carbs and put new fuel lines and oil lines and fuel filter on. I can't seem to get it to draw fuel from the tank up to the 3 way fuel valve and to the filter and down to the carbs. I have half a tank of gas. Do I need to prime all the fuel line? Seem to have gas at the new filter. It has the primer bulb and I can pump it a few times and it will run for 5 seconds or so even wide open but then dies...please help, thanks

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    I had this same issue after rebuild. The dry pumps in the carbs are a pita to prime. I ended up putting 1~2 tablespoons of gas mix down the spark holes and got it to stay running. The pump is pretty weak it seems on these carbs to me anyway though for me it might be cimpression related.

    Did you reconnect the three signal lines from the intake back to each carb?

    Did you do the 95 jet return drill mod?

    Try clamping off your return line from the carbs so they can build better pressure; just don't rev above ~3000 else the pressure gets a little too high. I started a thread about using a fuel pressure regulator. With no pressure build the carbs are gonna prove difficult for the engine to start.

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    Three signal lines? Can you provide more detail? Thanks

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    They are 1/4 inch I.D. fuel lines which attach to the carb pumps from the engine just inside of the reeds. These signal the carbs to pump fuel.

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    Those hoses are on and were replaced with all other hoses. Compression was tested prior to carb rebuild..all cylinders at 130psi.

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    More info. The new carb lines and feed line were primed with fuel, however we then realized that we had to prime the oil lines...this was done by cranking the ski with sparkplug wires disconnected until oil lines were full. We then tried to crank the ski with no luck, and realized that the 3 way fuel had been in the off position throughout the process. The 3 way fuel valve needs to be replaced as it broke, but we can turn it, this could be part of the problem, but we can switch the valve. The primer bulb was hooked up to the reserve line and will pump fuel. Hopefully we didn't damage anything by cranking it with the fuel selector switch in the off position.

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    While you are waiting for a new fuel line valve, you can bypass the old one. Run the fuel (reserve) line from the tank, through the fuel filter, and directly to the carbs using 1/4 barb couplings.

    This way you can check on your carbs and make sure they are set properly and that your boat performs as expected.

    You will be running on the reserve line all the time, which is no big thing, and the only thing you will be missing is the ability to completely stop the fuel from the tank to the carbs. Mine has been bypassed since 2001.

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